About Us

Meeting Utilities' Needs

  • Positive relationship with utilities, telecommunication service providers, clients, manufacturers & contractors
  • Cost Oriented - Small organization with low overhead
  • Customer Oriented and Responsive
  • Alternative resource that can complement existing staff
  • Quality - Driven by Reputation and Professional Designation
  • Personally involved in the projects from start to finish
  • Strive for synergy between all parties involved

Relationship with Contractors & Clients

  • 20 years of Project Management, Engineering and Inspection
  • Working experience with all major utilities, telecommunication service providers & contractors

Key Benefits

  • Supplementary resource for client companies
  • Cost and Time effective
  • Solution to your needs

Our Mission

  • Reliable alternative resource of Project Management, Engineering, Drafting and Field Services
  • Positive relationships with utilities, clients, manufacturers & contractors
  • Value for the $
  • Prompt and Timely Service
  • Service without hitches or problems
  • High Quality of Service

Our Goal

  • Provide COST and TIME SAVINGS for your utility
  • Provide QUALITY Engineering Designs
  • Provide SAFE, RELIABLE AND CONSISTENT installation practices by contractors
  • REDUCE THE TIME required for your utility to approve consultant designs through accurate Standards
  • Result in the ACCURATE AND PROPER INSTALLATION of approved materials
  • IMPROVE INSPECTION ensuring COMPLETE COMPLIANCE with your Utility and Fiber Optic standards and QUALITY ASSURANCE of installation work performed by contractors
  • Provide a MORE ACCURATE GIS INFORMATION TROUGH "As Constructed drawings"
  • Increasing Utility efficiency by providing Web-Based LIVE EQUIPMENT & MAINTENANCE DATA - Fiber and Power Option

Our Expertise

  • Specializes in Engineering Solutions, Project Management, and Inspection for Utilities
  • Specializes in Field Engineering Solutions (GPS, Mapping Field Survey & Auditing, System Analysis, Optimization & System Modeling)
  • Alternative Energy and Smart Grid Solutions
  • Web-enabled Database Solutions for Engineering Projects
  • Engineering & Knowledge of Utility Standards (CSA, TIA/EIA, Ontario Electrical Safety Code, UECC, CEA, IEEE, etc.)
  • Increasing Utility efficiency by providing LIVE equipment & maintenance data - Fiber and Power Option
  • Providing effective online tools by using the latest Internet/Intranet technologies.

Our Strengths

  • Technical Experience - Engineering
  • Field Experience
    • 20 Years of Hydro Utility Experience in Canada
    • Support Staff with Years of Hydro Utility Lineman Service
  • Hands On Training
    • EUSA Underground Proficiency Training
    • Splicing and Termination Training
    • Fiber Optic Splicing and Testing Training
  • Relationship with Clients and Contractors
  • Fiber Optic Solutions
  • Standards Development
  • Coordination and Inspection
  • Working Experience with All Major Contractors